Journal Matters

Social Matters lets you be visually present not just online but also through the medium of print. Our expertise is here to help you get featured for magazine ads for longer Shelf Time with Clutter-free and category focussed editorial environments. We plan appealing, authoritative & impactful magazine ads in order to target a specific niche for increased conversions with 4 lakh + subscribes base. Presenting features like Magazine ads,  Brand feature and Leads generation. 

We aim to reach the audience through print as well and not just limit ourselves to the digital universe. Your brand’s presence on print will help us to ensure that there is an impact on a variety of audiences who might not be active digital media users but prefer print. 

Journal Matters is our service to bring your brand to the forefront of print media as well. Our hope is to get you closer to your niche audience through every medium possible.