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Tips to rank higher on google maps

To Rank Higher on Google Maps is always a big task for most of us. Once you get that fine idea of starting a business and think further, everything just gets better with challenges coming up. No matter whether you eventually live up to your expectations but handling a website, managing social media handles, and distributing the ideas among the targeted audience becomes even a bigger challenge. But the most important part is your details on Google, which leads you to Google and Google Maps.

To be visible on the top search lists, one should work on their SEO and with the Google Map rankings, a lot of analyses and steps have to be followed. Who doesn’t want to have the highest rankings on Google Maps?

Rank Higher On Google Maps

Let us have a look at the steps to be followed.

Step 1: Give details of your website/location


Once you get verified and get claimed by Google, the very first step to moving forward with your website or business is to add genuine details like location, phone number, e-mail ID, description of your business, the work you deal with, and the services you provide.

Only basic information is unnecessary, so you must mention your working hours in a day and the entire week, which is helpful for the visitors. Most of them do not provide such details, which results in an average ranking. But we are striving for the best, so let us move to the next step.

Step 2: Use suitable keywords


Usage of keywords is as necessary as your genuine details on Google Maps. After setting up your details, focus on your keyword search, through which people search about a business or a service center.

Mostly, people search for services nearby, so the keyword should include the city’s name, street numbers, and major landmarks for ex., Marketing agencies in Brooklyn, Street 99. The most searched and highly ranked results will be out on your screen.

Step 3: Add relevant images

Relevant Images

One must add relevant images, screenshots of the map directing the location, areas nearby your business, landmarks, blueprint, etc., to the website. Adding even more detailed pictures like logos or landmarks makes it easier for people to get a rational idea about your location.

Step 4: Post frequently

Post Frequently

This is a completely optional procedure but to show an active business you should post regularly. You can upgrade ideas in your business description, add pictures from your office, etc. If you can add blog posts, it’s even more beneficial for you.

Step 5: Respond to the reviews and chat with the visitors

Reviews and Chat

Active participation on your website from responding to reviews, questions, and queries is a must. Do not forget to download the app to chat with the customers, for which the website has to be smartphone-friendly.

To conclude, a pro-tip would be active participants in all the categories mentioned above and always monitoring improves.

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