About Us

The journey of Capsule Communicators!

Minds behind our space mission!

Social Matters is founded by two youngsters with an aim to bring businesses into the marketing realm, helping them grow and develop. The two founders, who are experts in various areas of digital marketing, formed a young and vibrant team that has become “SOCIAL MATTERS.” Having started in 2020, we have dealt with clients from different industries. It gave us exposure to a space where we have explored methods to induce digital marketing for the growth of distinct brands.

Capsule Communicators!

Social matters aims to be your Capsule Communicator (CAPCOM). 

In the digital universe, using our expert creative and strategic knowledge, our idea is to let the rocket of your brand gain visibility in endless social media space. Our Capcoms go beyond the horizon to keep up the pace of your brand through apt approaches and prolific tactics. Buckle up as your rocket now has no bounds to soar into the digital universe!


Managing Director

Vaishnavi Reddy


Crossed several milestones together. There's more to come!




Happy Clients


Helped in Franchise open



Immensely happy to be a google partner within 2 years!